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Head of Local Steering Committee

  /  Head of Local Steering Committee

Dr. Jakkriss Bhumisawasdi

[email protected]


  • Hadassah medical School of Public Health,  Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel 1987 MPH
  • Faculty of Medicine,  Siriraj Hospital,  Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand 1977 ,MD
  • Faculty of Science Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand 1974, B.Sc
  • St. Gabriel’s College

Work Experience

  • 2009-2014 Inspector General and Chief Of Inspector General Office of the Inspector General, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
  • 2006-2008 Health Supervisor Office of the Inspector General,  Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
  • 1998-2005 Assistant of Permanent SecretaryOffice of Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
  • 1996-1997 Consultant, Project Manager of WHO (Spain, Portugal, Indonesia)
  • 1990-1996 Director National Institute of Health of Thailand,  Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Public Health
  • 1989-1990 Project Manager, Bureau of Nutrition, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

Visits and Conferences

  • Visits Nepal, Subject Family Planning Project funded by WHO , 1985
  • Attend Conference Graduate Summer Program in Epidemiology at John Hopkins University, USA, 1993
  • Attend Conference IX International Conference on AIDS and IV STD World Congress, Germany, 1993
  • Attend Conference Workshop on HIV Vaccine Development and Evaluation USA.
  • Attend Conference Medical Waste Management USA, 1995
  • Attend Conference Disease Inspection and Consumer protection, Singapore, 1995
  • Attend Conference Technology to destroy waste and regulations , USA, 1996
  • Attend International Medical Science Expo, Germany, 1996
  • Acts as temporary consultant for WHO on topic of Research Managaement , Spain, Portugal, Indonesia, 1997
  • Visits Mixed medical field workshop, Switzerland, Germany, 1999
  • Meeting on Macrobiotics and Science, Italy, 2000
  • Meeting on Macrobiotics and Science, Tunisia, 2000
  • Meeting on Macrobiotics and Science, Cuba, 2000
  • Meeting on XVII National and International Congress of UPM Center, Italy, 2003
  • Visits regarding “China Regarding Biolivbioartifical Liver Medical Device, China, 2004
  • Meeting on Life Sciences, USA, 2004
  • Attend Academic Conference on Building Immunity (ARABINOXYLAN), Japan, 2004
  • Meeting on Rehabilitation, Sweden, 2004
  • Visits MOA Foundation, Japan, 2004
  • Visits on negotiation for Hospitals, Spas, Thai massage business in Middle East Countries, Kuwait, Katar, United of Arab Emirates (Dubai), 2004
  • Visits BIO 2004 & Expert Group Meeting, USA, 2004
  • Visits Cell Therapy, Switzerland, 2004
  • Short course on LEADERS IN DEVELOPMENT at Havard Kenedy School Havard University, USA, 2008
  • Visits work on General Health Insurance and Health Reform, China, 2013

Establishing Organization/Department

  • Initiate a system to determine the staffs by performance and computer system in Ministry of Public health Surin Province since
  • Initiate corporation system between government and private companies (PPP) while in position of director of Research institute of Ministry of Public Health under the support of Doctor Jumrun Meekanon, General director of Science Medicine Department.
  • Proposes establishment Alternative medicine Department while establishing of Thai-Chinese medicine department and address to be official department during the permanent secretary officer Doctor Winai Wiriyakijja.
  • Initiate establishment of Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS) under Vice Prime Minister Suwit Khunkitti and was temporary vice president of TCELS while under the president Doctor Pornchai Matungsumbut.
  • Establish natural agriculture network with the fourth government mobile service to reach people easier for better well being and health.


  • Commission for Consumer Protection. House of Representatives, Thailand ( 20012007)
  • President of Development of Alternative Medicine Foundation, Thailand
  • Vice President of  Excellence Center for Life Science (TCELS), Thailand (2003 –  2004)
  • Committee on Trade and Services for Health, Thai Chamber of Commerce(2003present)
  • Reward Outstanding physician in the countryside Faculty of Doctor, Sririraj Hospital , 1986
  • Royal Shield for duty in countryside from Her highness Srinagarindra , 1988
  • Executive Excellence Award 2000 , Thai Volunteer Service
  • Committee of MOA Health Science Foundation, MOA INTERNATIONAL Japan
  • Committee of Faculty of Science, Suan Sunanda Rajabhat University
  • Senior Consultant of UPM Foundation , Italy
  • Guest Speakers at various televisions, radios stations to give information for alternative medicine.
  • Senior consultant to various health magazines.

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