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Dr. Vladimir Chernykh

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Dr. Vladimir Chernykh


Dr. Vladimir Chernykh, MD completed his specialization in Dermatology and subspecialized in Aesthetic Dermatology after completing his Medical Degree. He discovered his strong inclination and passion towards Anti-Aging Medicine and started to participate in professional trainings and master-classes in Aesthetics. He subsequently pursued a certification course in Regenerative Medicine at Utrecht University in the Netherlands in 2018 and also obtained his Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certificate from the American National Institute of Health (USA) in July 2019.

He is a Board Member in good standing of the International Association for Cell Therapy (Europe) and the International Society of Stem Cell Transplantation (USA). As a professional in the anti-aging industry today, he has been actively travelling around the world being involved in various international seminars, conferences, workshops and meetings to further enhance his knowledge and expertise in the anti-aging industry.

With his vast experience in this industry he was a speaker and trainer for international aesthetic industry companies in Dermatology, Mesotherapy and Lasers in Aesthetics for Austrian, Spanish, French and USA industry leaders. In 2017 Dr. Vladimir received an offer to work in Asia. Nowadays he lectures widely, and has spoken in numerous anti-ageing conferences worldwide, as well as published in international academic journals. He is also the Aesthetic Director of the global chain of European Wellness Centers.

He spoke at the scientific forum “Reversing Time with the Latest Biological, Preventive & Anti–Aging Medicine” which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia in December 2016 and was a Speaker at the International Medical Aesthetic Conference exhibition (IMACE 2018) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August 2018. He also spoke at the 9th 5-Continent-Congress (5CC) held in Barcelona, Spain in September 2018 and was a Speaker at the recent 3rd World Congress on Anti-Aging, Aesthetic, Regenerative, Nutritional and Exercise Medicine (WAAARNEM) which was in conjunction with the 16th Malaysian Conference and Exhibition on Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in April 2019.

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