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Dr. Simon Yefimov

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Dr. Simon Yefimov

Dr. Simon Yefimov


Dr. Simon Yefimov, MD holds a Medical Degree and a postgraduate specialization in Radiology. He is a skilled X-ray and ultrasound specialist. During hospital practice, he has taken part in numerous medical scientific conferences being very dedicated to his interests in science.

As a further career development, Dr. Simon has chosen regenerative medicine and sciences research. Together with cell-based therapies for tissues regeneration and rejuvenation, a big part of his work is dedicated to evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal degenerative diseases and pain management by means of ultrasound guided minor interventions.

He utilizes biological and complementary medicine concepts as well as various physiotherapeutic devices facilities to provide best outcomes in his clinical practice which is performed in different clinics of European Wellness Centers International Group worldwide.


He participates in various international medical conferences and exhibitions as a speaker. Apart from that, he also provides workshops and training for medical practitioners all over the world. He is currently serving as the Program Facilitator for the International University of Bio Regenerative Science (IUBRS) as the liaison between the program-research supervisors and the candidates.

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