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Dr. Ornkes Panyanetinad


Dr. Ornkes Panyanetinad is the international expert speaker in aesthetic dermatology and anti-aging medicine. She acquired the highest rank in every single curriculum she attained: dermatology, American board of anti-aging and regenerative medicine, 1st class honor in medicine. From preschool to high school as the straight-A student, her GPAX is 4.00 -maximum GPAX-. Her institutes are all the number one. She has won the TALENT YOUNG SCIENCTIST AWARD since being medical student, been in Leading Researcher Award and Scholarship team and also achieved the scholarship from Thai and Singapore Government.

She was invited to be the lecturer in many prestigious medical universities and congresses. Her extensive working experience in the academic field was, for example, being clinical anatomy instructor, molecular genetics and advanced cellular biology instructor, cosmeceutical instructor, and research trainer. She has been invited to be the specialist to teach integrative dermatology for master and Ph.D. candidates, being the pioneer in Asian skin non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation, non-surgical forehead augmentation, non-surgical facial transformation with natural look and holistic injectable complication management.

Dr. Ornkes has been invited to give aesthetic dermatology lecture and training for aesthetic dermatologists globally.

With the youngest age ever, she was invited to be the advisory board and international keynote speaker for advanced level training of various international courses to train the advanced uses of filler, Botox, and thread lift, and invited to be the speaker for holistic anti-aging, cellular and nutrition therapy. Dr. Ornkes has created many exclusive techniques such as “Blunt en bloc”, “crepe cake layering technique”, “GFAn technique”, and “A4U non-surgical zygomatic arch reduction technique”. She created the concept of “Crepe cake multilayer injection technique” to apply the different rheology of dermal fillers with multilayer anatomical aging pattern- like Crepe Cake. With the combination of being the artist and scientist, she has developed the training course – “How to mix and match MAKE UP and AESTHETIC INJECTION?”. Dr. Ornkes has also developed novel injectable technique to help diseased cases such as facial palsy and non-surgical candidate congenital facial asymmetry.

Her facial design signature is famous for creating “NATURAL Beauty” with integrated physiognomy and true harmonization.

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