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Prof. Dr. Dato Sri’ Michelle Wong

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Prof. Dr. Dato Sri’ Michelle Wong

Prof. Dr. Dato Sri’ Michelle Wong


Prof. Dr. Dato Sri’ Michelle Wong, ND, PhD is the Co-Founder, Technical Advisor and on-going Researcher of the following organizations – FCTI Research Group (Germany & Asia), Stellar Biomolecular Research (Germany), Baden Research Laboratories (Germany & Asia), European Wellness Academy (Switzerland, Germany & Asia), European Wellness Center (Germany) and 2M Consultancy Sdn Bhd (Malaysia).

Her primary role is to envision and devise a strategic roadmap for the organization’s growth especially amidst a period of extraordinary disruptive forces in today’s rapidly evolving business ecosystem, and to prudently plan the management and deployment of our company’s financial and human capital resources across the Group’s various business units.

She is an Associate Professor in Stem Cell Research at University Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia and was conferred a Doctor of Philosophy in International Marketing (Honorary) from the National University of Malaysia. Her passion in health and wellness also led her to pursue a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy (ND) and PhD in Natural Medicine in the USA.

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