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Kaushik D. Deb

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Dr. Kaushik D. Deb

Founder MD

DiponEd BioIntelligence
Bangalore, INDIA
DiponEd BioIntelligence- is a P4M company (preventive, predictive, participatory and personalized medicine). It focuses on developing Personalized and Personal Health care Products and Services.
Merisis Therapeutics – is a Registered Brand (TM) of DiponEd and is involved in developing Cellular and Combinatorial Biologicals, Devices, Kits etc. – in areas of Dermatology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Dental and Autoimmunity etc. Merisis Therapeutics have developed more than 20 proprietary Biologic kits, new APIs, and medical devices for sales worldwide.
DiponEd Contract Research Services (CRS): is a niche platform for drug discovery, metabolism met IDs ADME, Drug Drug interactions, Drug over loads, Xenobiotic loads, proteomics, Flowcytometry, High throughput screening, and other services.

Executive Director

Chain of Rural Polyclinics in India: with an NFP mission to bring in the best primary health care support through local Doctors & Telemedicine. Along with low cost medication, and diagnosis. Extending support in high end molecular diagnostics in cancer, genetic disorders and predispositions.

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