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Dr. Arseniy Trukhanov

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Dr. Arseniy Trukhanov

Dr. Arseniy Trukhanov

Dr. Trukhanov is a chief scientific specialist at the Federal Science & Clinical Research Center of Acute Care and Rehabilitation (FNCR RR) of the Russian Academy of Science, a Doctor of biology, a PhD in medical engineering and a specialist in restorative and aesthetic medicine, rehabilitation and digital aging technologies. He graduated from Moscow Institute of Electronic & Mathematics as a computer design specialist. He got his first PhD in medical engineering in the Department of Medical Ultrasound at All-Union Medical Engineering & Research Institute for his research of the acoustic properties of biological tissues. He got the status of Doctor of biology for his thesis at the National Research Center of Restoration and Rehabilitation Medicine with the strong support of his teacher-academician Nikolay Agadzhanyn, a specialist in physiology of space and aviation medicine.

His main professional interest was concentrated around the design and clinical applications of modern methods, technologies and equipment for the express diagnostic and restoration of functional reserve and biological age of the patients. In 2010 he proposed his first Concept of Active Longevity Clinic which was implemented at the Wellness Center “Longway 80/120”. From 2012-2015 he was the CEO of the leading Russian aesthetic Clinic “Beauty Institute Arbat” where the Concept of Active Longevity Clinic was implemented. In 2018-2019 he was a scientific director and a CEO of the leading Russian Antiage Clinic “Lancette” based on the principals of 4 P medicine.

Dr. Trukhanov is a co-Founder of the National Academy of Active Longevity, a former Chairman of the National association of restoration and rehabilitation medicine and a former President of the Russian Doppler Club. He was a member of the working group of European Economic Commission of the UN for “Digital imaging” and an official representative of Russia in the world federation of physical and rehabilitation medicine (ISPRM).

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